Our Vision

To build healthier, stronger, safer families—and communities—in Cook County by fostering excellence in parenting

Our Mission

To make parenting less stressful, more gratifying, and more FUN, resulting in healthier outcomes and brighter futures for families


Dr. Marjorie Fujara, MD Founder and board-certified pediatrician

Throughout her career, Dr. Marjorie Fujara has actively advocated on behalf of child and family wellness. She passionately believes that collaboration across medicine, social and community services, and government is absolutely essential to improve the lives of families.

Since 2001, Dr. Fujara has served Cook County as a physician on the child protective services team at Stroger Hospital and on the staff at the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center. Having witnessed the effects of the cycle of violence on individual children and on our community at large, she regards family violence as one of the country’s most pressing public health issues of our time. She has presented to elected officials at all levels of government and to her peers across the country.

She is a board-certified pediatrician and also holds a certification in the sub-specialty of child abuse pediatrics. She and her husband are devoted parents to four children.

Founding Committee

A committee of professionals and partners from Cook County have cooperated in Parenting ACE’s founding and launch.

become a parenting ace.

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